Mini Sample Packs

Mini sample banks are your friends here for you to try out various instruments and elevate your sounds. These samples are dedicated to specialised sounds and give you an insight into a vast array of audio beauties.

Mega Sample Packs

Step up from the mini to the mega and get immersed into a world of new sounds and instruments spanning over a multitude of styles and genres. The large number of options are all yours to help improve your track.

Bundle Sample Banks

Bundled up to offer you an exciting and limitless range of fresh sounds at a discounted price, the bundle sample banks are for you to experiment, understand and create novel tracks, with no holds bar.

Selective Sample Banks

Here is a specially curated bank of signature sounds with a selection of bespoke instruments, styles and genres that are sure to improve your track quality by manifolds. Dig into the realm of music possibilities with these hand picked sounds from mini sample banks.