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Ghatam MEGA Sample Pack

Format: WAV, 48k/32

Ghatam is one of the most ancient percussion instrument from India. It is a clay pot with narrow mouth. Although the ghatam is the same shape as an ordinary Indian domestic clay pot, it is made specifically to be played as an instrument. The tone of the pot must be good and the walls should be of even thickness to produce an even tone. The pot is usually placed on the lap of the performer, with the mouth facing the belly. The performer uses the fingers, thumbs, palms, and heels of the hands to strike its outer surface to produce different sounds. In this bundle we are offering you 50+ ghatam loops that you can use to enrich the rhythm section of your track.

Type: Indian, Percussion, Ghatam, Classical, loops, Rhythm

Number of Samples: 50+

All samples are cleared for commercial use in your tracks
All samples are of high quality for best results
Once you buy it, you own it perpetually