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Shehnai MEGA Sample Pack

Format: WAV, 48k/32

If you want to create and maintain a sense of auspiciousness and fulfilment on your track, this is your go to instrument. Featuring Shehnai, a North Indian wind instrument. This chilling, mesmerizing sample set creates a state of bliss on your track. It was a part of the Naubat or traditional ensemble of nine instruments found in the royal court. The shehnai is a difficult instrument to play, as the musician must master a wide range of finely nuanced embouchure and fingering techniques. This set of samples can also be used in any other genre as per your creativity!

Type: Shehnai, Wind, Licks, Indian, Hindustani, Classical

Number of Samples: 220+

All samples are cleared for commercial use in your tracks
All samples are of high quality for best results
Once you buy it, you own it perpetually


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