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Harmonium MEGA Sample Pack

Format: WAV, 48k/32

The Indian Harmonium is a wind instrument, also known to be a reed instrument, key instrument. The most essential elements of Hindustani music like the Slur, meend or gamakas won’t have the continuity of a human voice in a Harmonium. However, it is possible to maintain the continuity of the music to some extent by a skilful handling of the bellows and finger pressure on the keys. And we are offering you 240+ samples from such a virtuoso player. In this package, we’ve added phrases in 2 different time signatures, 4 different scales, 3 different tempos and a Dry, FX, Verb variation for each. Grab this pack and use it on your next song to give it a real Indian touch!

Type: Harmonium, Wind, Reed, Licks, Indian, India, Hindustani

Number of Samples: 240+

All samples are cleared for commercial use in your tracks
All samples are of high quality for best results
Once you buy it, you own it perpetually