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Paradise | Loud Memory / Sony Belgium Release [Future House]

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    Mohak Chhabria

    For those of you who don’t know me, I am Mohak. I go by the Artist Name “BLUK”.
    I just released one of my tracks in Collaboration with my Good friend from Switzerland. He goes by the Artist name “Snow Jade”
    The track is called “Paradise”. Also, this track got premiered at TOMORROWLAND ONE WORLD RADIO!

    So, this track started a few months ago, when Snow Jade sent one of his projects at Discord. We were discussing on collaborating and this track seemed like the perfect opportunity. We send the project back and forth, improving it constantly and then we emailed our track to Loud Memory. They loved it and we went ahead signing the contract.

    I am really proud of this release, and I hope you all would like it! 🙂

    Tommrowland OWR Premiere


    Congratulation brother <3

    Shivang Shukla

    Congrats bro



    Super stuff, Mohak. All the best!

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