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How to come up with a “GREAT” chord progression.

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    Its always a very time consuming process to come up with a awesome chord progression, anyone has some tips and tricks that you can share here?

    Atul B Chandran

    1. Try playing around with the different degrees.

    2. Try to change scales by using the diminished chords in the respective scale as well.


    Hey, Thanks for the answer, diminished chords sound quite great too 🙂

    Vighnesh Kapadia

    Hey this is something I do to come up with chord progressions when I just really cannot. It doesn’t much help with songwriting all the time but it’s a good way to get me going.

    1. Pick a scale (preferably something that you don’t usually use if you want to explore stuff)

    2. Lay down the notes of the scale (if you use Live 10, Live 11 has that feature already)

    3. Forget about the theory for a while and lay down some bass notes which sound good to your ear (make sure they’re in the scale you picked)

    4. Add the 1,3,5 voicing to the bass notes and you will end up with a good sounding chord progression.

    5. You can inverse the voicing of each chord or Add the 7th and the 9th to spice things up a bit.

    6. If your progression is following the 4 chord pattern, meaning you have one chord lasting an entire bar (I hope I’m correct, and that’s what it is called) then you can use transition chords in between your main chords to keep it interesting.

    Lastly, if you play any instrument, jam on it for a while because it is a really good and fun way to come up with chord progressions or write songs in general.

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