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Reply To: What is the criteria of getting signed by spinnin’ records?


The criteria to get signed to every Record label (other than the ones which only redistribute) are mostly the same.

1 – The demo should be a good fit.

The quality of the demo should of industry standards and it should fit the sound that the label signs/promotes.

2 –  Transfer of ownership

There are certain terms & conditions that you can negotiate with the Label. However, transfer of copyright ownership is one such clause that’s non-negotiable. The Artist should be willing to transfer the ownership of copyright to the Label.

3 – Social media presence

This is not a criteria but it generally helps to get the deal through if the Artist has decent social media going on. Labels are interested in signing Artists with a good/unique demo and who is proactive with promotions or getting the word out about the release.

Remember, it’s easier to get signed if you start thinking from the Label’s perspective. They are not investing in a track but in the Artist.