In this blog, we are going to look at TuneCore’s platform and what it entails. Firstly, one of the optional features available in TuneCore’s platform is that it gives users the option to choose the types of music stores they would want their music distributed to. Therefore, if you have signed up with TuneCore and would like to have your music distributed to only specific music stores; then TuneCore has got you covered. Additionally, there is also the pre-order feature. This is also an optional feature that when subscribed to, enables your fans to buy your music early. All these boils down to you as a musician and whether you would love to use such features.

TuneCore distributes music to various music stores across the globe such as Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, and even Google Play. The list goes on and on with more music stores being added to the list every year.

One of the biggest achievements is the fact that TuneCore partnered with one of the biggest Chinese music platforms known as Tencent and hence TuneCore now has access to the Chinese music industry. TuneCore has even installed a system that automatically sends its client's music to every new music store TuneCore adds to its database. To use this ‘Store Automator’ option, you will have to pay $10 per release. Such that, as long as TuneCore updates its database with a new music store, your music will be distributed to that store as long as you have paid the fee needed.

How about TuneCore’s customer care service? How effective is it?

Well, TuneCore deals with a huge number of clients usually more than 250,000 in number. However, the company has employed only around 215 staff members. Therefore, it very hard to get human help if you have an urgent concern. You will have to wait for a bit longer to be served by one of the staff members. The even more challenging task is that of changing the details of an already submitted music release. TuneCore usually recommends just taking down the whole release and starting all over again. Therefore, once again I have to stress this; anytime you are to upload your music, you need to take utmost care and caution to submit only the correct and exact details because changing details can be very exhausting.

TuneCore’s platform also has a report and analytic page. On this page, TuneCore stores data concerning the music it distributes. If you are an artist, you can easily analyze your music downloads, streams, the royalties earned, and the trends in respect to how your music performs over the various given music platforms among other data that TuneCore’s reports and analytics page provide. This page will also clearly show you the amount of money that flows into and out of your account.

It is also important to note that TuneCore allows its users to pay for the services it offers directly from the revenue they generate through TuneCore’s account. Therefore, if you partner with TuneCore for your music distribution, you do not have to dig into your pockets to pay for the fees that TuneCore charges.

But again, this is relative and depends on a case-to-case basis. That is, the work of TuneCore is to ensure that your music is distributed to the various music platforms. Whether people listen to your music or not will depend on several factors beyond TuneCore’s control. Therefore, it is uncertain that your music will accrue the requisite amount of revenue to pay for the required fees.

In the next blog, we will look at the additional services offered by TuneCore and how much they cost. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can also type in suggestions in the comments section below and I will be super glad to respond.