Hey guys, I take this opportunity to welcome all of you to this blog. In this blog, we will look at everything you need to know about DistroKid services, offers and the costs of such services.

But before I start, allow me to say; that this is a learning platform and I am here to ensure that you understand how these distribution companies work. Therefore, if there is anything you do not understand always feel free to ask me.

Now, let’s start with;


This feature of DistroKid helps users from copyright infringement by preventing people from stealing and uploading your music to various music platforms without your consent. The question that arises then is; how does this feature ensure such protection? DistroLock does this by creating acoustic fingerprints for your music. It usually partners with AcoustID, YouTube Content ID, and Audible Magic and hence this helps in detecting if your music is being altered through pitch and speed-shifting. It is important to note that DistroKid offers this service for free without any fanfare.

The next additional feature is the;

ii)Vault Feature

DistroKid offers this service to musicians thereby enabling them to have free access to an unlimited backup of their music files. Therefore, what happens is that after you have uploaded your song for distribution, DistroKid, through Vault, stores such songs, and thus you do not have to stack your hard drives with such data because vault does that for you. The best part about this service is that it is free of charge and without any fanfare.

The other feature that you need to note is referred to as the;


What does this feature deal with? How does it help DistroKid users? Now, this feature is very important because it helps in sorting out problems that come up when musicians have similar titles or names related to their musical works. In essence, therefore, in case two artists share the same name or the same title to a song, Fixer will be responsible for solving such issues.

The other unique feature of DistroKid that you need to know is the;

iv) Referral Program

DistroKid basically uses this feature to increase the number of its users. This is because, through this feature, users earn $5 if they refer any music artist to DistroKid. Therefore, for every artist that you refer DistroKid gives you $5. This feature is used to encourage users to keep on referring a new artist to DistroKid.

v)Lyrics distribution

This feature helps in distributing your song lyrics to various music platforms such as Instagram, Apple Music, and Facebook. Not only does this feature distribute your song lyrics to music platforms but it also makes it easy for one to research your song lyrics through sites like google, for instance. To make it even sound better is the fact that DistroKid offers it for free and hence you do not have to pay to enjoy this service.

There are still many more very important additional services offered by DistroKid. We will cover those services in our next blog. For now, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions do not hesitate to let me know by typing them in the comments section below. You can now click NEXT to move on to part two of this blog.



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