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Do you always have an ear for music and try to make music on your computer but do not know how to lay down your ideas or have no clue about music theory or spending hours finding that perfect sound to fit your taste?

Have you ever thought about learning music production?

I am sure these questions are relatable to most new music producers. So here are some recommendations and tricks from Lost Stories Academy.

Choose the right tools

Music Production: Everything you need to get started

Choosing the right devices when getting started in music production is essential. In this generation, every aspect of audio from recording to mastering is done on a computer so the opening move is to select a computer that accomplishes your needs. Follow-up by picking up the right daw.

Music Production: Everything you need to get started

There are a lot of daws available in the market but I prefer Ableton live because the workflow is amazing.It has a lot of tools that help make music easier even for those who are not good enough in music theory or are new to music theory.

For example, deadmau5, In the start he had no clue about music theory but the tools helped him to take him where he is at now.

At Lost Stories Academy, we focus on creating a bright future for the upcoming artists and teach them techniques and ways that are essential for success in music production.

The next thing will be choosing an audio interface or a sound card to capture the audio. If you play an instrument or maybe you are a vocalist then microphones can be plugged into the audio interface to record in real-time in the Daw.

There are some decent audio interfaces available in the market which you can buy depending on the budget.

Some extra tools needed will be

1.Microphone for recording

2.Xlr cable to connect the mic to the audio interface,

3.Midi controller to trigger sounds,

4.Headphones to listen back to the audio.

Some people use studio monitors to listen to the audio but it all depends on the acoustic treatment of the room. If the room is not treated well then it will give a false sense of sound as the final sound you will be listening to will contain reflections, original sound, room reverb and if you live in a busy neighborhood then be prepared for the traffic noise.

I would suggest getting good studio headphones for making music till you treat your room.

Set Goals

Setting goals and having a clear vision while starting makes the work much effortless.

Immediate goals could be finishing a track in 2 days or learning a plug-in in a week. Long-term goals can be playing your full ep in a club or a festival.

Networking with other producers or musicians socially or on social media apps like Clubhouse, Twitch, Instagram, etc. can help to stay creative, or their workflow can inspire you to make more music. Creating a habit of finishing your work before the deadline is a cherry on the cake. Avoid distractions like using your phone while making music.

Having influences helps while starting in music, like if someone likes high-tech techno or likes to listen to. Bollywood music then they may want to look up to music producers like Boris Brejcha or Amit Trivedi.

It ends up being a good practice to create some eccentric music.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Learning music production requires time as it is a technical as well as a creative process.

The more time you give to music the better you will become. A scientific study suggests that 10,000 hours of conscious practice are needed to become world-class in any field.

Trying to create your favorite sounds repeatedly can lead to developing a unique one. Most producers learn through listening to music and spend hours trying to recreate them. These references help and inspire creating originals.

In a nutshell, starting in music production is essentially having a clear vision and being motivated to create unique music. And the most important part is having fun.

Happy Producing!

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