Hello there. I take this time to welcome you to this part of the course. Today, I am going to shed some light on the question of DistroKid being a good music distribution company or not?

I am going to explain to you how DistroKid came to be, what is the story behind, I will also explain to you, among other things, what services does it offers.

To start with, DistroKid is a new kid on the block, compared to the likes of CD Baby, since it was established around 2013 and hence has not been in the music industry for long compared to some of its competitors such as TuneCore and CD Baby. However, even with such a duration of time, DistroKid has established its reputation over the years and has a relatively huge number of clients.

Perhaps this is because of the relatively lower fees it charges for its services. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we will look at its pricing structure later on. As you may already know, most distribution companies usually integrate more services such as publishing or even social media promotion into their set of services that they offer. Such that it is not solely a distribution-platform per se.

However, DistroKid is different. It doesn’t majorly rely on such additional services. Mostly, DistroKid only deals in music distribution. Therefore, it majorly specifies the music distribution field. What makes DistroKid famous and one of the best distribution companies is the speed by which they distribute their clients’ music to different music platforms and also given that they charge cheaper fees.

Some former heads of rival companies like TuneCore and CD Baby have even acknowledged that DistroKid is one of the best music distribution companies. In 2018, Jeff Price, who is a founder of TuneCore even tweeted public acknowledging that DistroKid is the best music distributor in the world. Although Jeff Price does not currently work with TuneCore, his take about DistroKid is still very telling, given the experience he had accumulated about music distribution, over the year.

DistroKid majorly deals in music distribution. It gives a platform to music artists. Most music distribution companies usually hide under the guise of offering additional benefits, and yet when you try to use such benefits, the links they provide, redirect you to another different site which will require you to pay an additional fee to enjoy the ‘benefits’. Now, DistroKid is simple, upload your music and that’s it! No blackmail!

And because it specializes in music distribution, it is, therefore, one of the very best distributors, unlike other distribution companies that combine distribution with other additional services. To make it even better, DistroKid offers unlimited music distribution to its clients, and you do not have to give a percentage of the royalties you earn, it allows you to keep 100% of the royalties.

The truth about DistroKid?

DistroKid has therefore built a very strong and good reputation over the years, especially among independent music artists. But even with the strong reputation, DistroKid still suffers criticism from its clients about how it runs its program. There have been issues about its customer service and how unresponsive it is. One of the criticisms DistroKid also faces from its fans and clients is its pricing plan and structure.

We will get to look into the pricing structure in a bit. DistroKid offers three-tier services where its clients are given access to an unlimited number of uploads. But of course, some services will require more costs, for instance, if you want Shazam recognition, you will have to pay extra cash.

This has had many of DistroKid clients complaining, but I do not see it as a big deal. Especially if you compare it to other distributors who offer mandatory ‘additional services’ that cost an arm and a leg. With DistroKid, you do not have to pay extra costs.

It is not in doubt that DistroKid has its share of disadvantages as well, but if I am to be fair, it is a very good music distribution company. We will look at some of its disadvantages later on in the course.

For now, let’s click on the next blog to learn about DistroKid’s fee structure to know how it charges for its services. Meanwhile, feel free to type in any questions, suggestions, or comments in the comments section below.


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