Hey there, welcome back. In this blog, I am going to take you through the additional services offered by DistroKid. These additional services that DistroKid offers are optional, therefore if you do not wish to use them, then you do not have to pay anything.

This is one of the criteria that DistroKid has used that has enabled it to continue maintaining the low fee that it charges its clients. Because then, it is the clients to choose if they want these additional services or not and hence these extra services are not mandatory, unlike in many music distribution companies.

Let us have a look at these extra services so that you can decide for yourselves if you may need to subscribe to use them. Let us start with the;

i)Store Maximizer

What does store maximizer entail? Now as I have told you a couple of times in my previous blogs, there are technological advancements day by day. The music industry is similarly not spared. Therefore, many more digital music platforms are created as time goes by. DistroKid usually updates its database with such new music platforms. Subscribing to Store Maximizer, therefore, ensure that every time DistroKid updates any music platform to its database, your music is automatically sent to such new music platforms. If you need to subscribe to this extra service that DistroKid offers, you only have to pay an annual fee of $7.95 per album.

The second additional service DistroKid offers is;

ii)Cover Licensing

Maybe you wish to start out releasing a recording of other artists’ songs. To do this, you will need to secure a license to avoid copyright infringement. Now the license that you obtain when you want to release a cover song is known as a cover license. The beauty of it is that DistroKid can help you out. Yes, they will not only help distribute your cover song but can also facilitate getting a cover song licensing. But to use this service, you will have to pay some extra costs apart from the one you pay for the cover song distribution. Usually, for cover song licensing, DistroKid charges an annual fee of $12 for every cover song. As compared to other distributors who offer cover song licensing, DistroKid is among the cheapest there are even some distribution companies that do not offer cover song licensing.

What are your thoughts about this extra feature? Do you plan on releasing cover songs? Go ahead type in your responses in the comments section below. How about a store maximizer? Would you pay for such a service? What is the reason for your response? Let’s have a discussion.

Remember that there are still more services offered by DistroKid. Let us look at the remaining extra services in our next blog, right? Okay, just hold on there and click NEXT and let get this done with.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments section. Thank you and onto part two of this blog>>>>