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Mixing Tip – Kick and Snare/Clap

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    Meet Shah

    Sometimes mixing a Kick and Snare together can be quite tricky. Both elements have a really powerful transient, and I’ve often seen the limiters or levels going crazy when both of them playing together. This causes an issue when trying to make your overall mix much louder because other parts don’t have so much transient content at the same time. There are multiple things you can try here, and it’s upon you to decide how you wanna do it. So the main problem here is both the transients playing together on top of each other. To solve this one way I try is to shift the clap/snare by a very fractional amount after the kick plays so that the transients don’t exactly land upon each other, but at the same time, the clap is coming just milliseconds after so it’s in time with the beat. Does anyone know other ways/tricks to solve this problem?

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