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Is it worth investing time in learning Music Theory for Electronic Music?

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    Meet Shah

    We all know about so many different plugins that are helping people with figuring out chords, scales, making melody lines, using randomizers or providing melodies based on AI or what not to help make music. As we progress further with technology, I can’t help but ask how much can learning music theory really help for making music in the future? What if future DAW’s and plugins are trained with Music theory well enough that it can give us predictions (Like our Mobile keyboards) as to what note could sound good here, what chord/chord pattern could be used next etc, and the rest of the music-making is left on our choices and creative decisions. Is it a wise move to rely on these plugins to make things even easier for us with time or is Music Theory the true way to make good and original music, what do you guys think?

    Vishal Sehgal

    The plugins which you have mentioned above will surely help but just like samples a lot of people will get their hands on it and you won’t be able to stick out from the rest of the crowd.

    I have done the Foundation course from KM Music Conservatory. It is the entrance level diploma course in which they teach you about all the basics that a musician should know, from Music theory to composing, branding, performance and a lot more. We would have history classes where we would learn about the music from the Medieval period up till now.

    you might say “why do I need to know about what the music sounded like in C.1150” and true you don’t need to if you’re main goal is to just be an EDM producer but say, for someone who has to right a score for a film or tv you can’t stick to a 4/4 time signature or just use basic chord progressions, there’s certain amount of technicality that comes into play with your creativeness which you can achieve if you do know music theory, a lot of the things get very easier.

    I really encourage that every musician should learn at least up to level 4 of music theory. There’s so many technical things you will learn that will help you in the long run, it will help you with the composing, arrangement, writing melodies, harmonies and so much more and theoretically speaking you will know how to play majority of the instruments that are out there, I’m not saying you’ll be good at it but you’ll know how to play it.

    Meet Shah

    Great point! Where does the line of Music Theory Level 4 end? What do you think are the aspects/concepts of Music Theory that are a MUST according to you, for things like maybe Production, Playing Live with Improvisation etc for an Electronic Music Producer? I honestly don’t find enough motivation to study more music theory than the basics I know (Keys, Scales, Chords, Modes, Basic Chord Theory and Progressions for Pop Music). Most of whatever I’m doing usually ends up working within these topics.

    Shivang Shukla

    I think it’s not important to learn music theory for electronic music. Many big artists don’t know the complete music theory and are giving their best. Basic knowledge of music theory is enough to be a good producer. Although a producer with good knowledge of music theory can give better results.

    You can learn basic music theory from YouTube, and improve your work.

    I have a piece of advice, you should learn an instrument (piano, guitar, etc.) it helps a lot and you will learn music theory too in this process. This will definitely improve your work.

    Vighnesh Kapadia

    As an EDM artist, music theory is not your first choice when it comes to learning and I have been there for a long time but as I explored different genres of music I discovered that there’s a lot more to it than just writing a chord progression and making a melody. Sometimes its just expressing yourself with your instrument or sometimes its an easier way to communicate your ideas with other artists, especially instrumentalists who just know to speak in D+ and E#7. I mean, I myself have not mastered music theory yet nor I know all of it but knowing a good bunch won’t hurt, if anything it’ll make your creative process easier, for me its just the curiosity of knowing more. But also on the other hand, not saying that without it you can’t succeed, you surely can and there are a lot of people who did, its your call at the end of the day. But hey if you’re doing it then make sure to pick an instrument on the way, the process will become a lot more fun.

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