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Do you think Streaming Services are underpaying their Artists?

last updated by Meet Shah 1 month ago
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    Parimal Aglawe

    Was going through a couple of blogs who were talking about CPV (Cost Per View) and CPS (Cost Per Stream) and I was astonished to know that it is entirely regional based.
    The most valuable royalties are generated from two main regions, France and USA.
    But also, at the same time, I was quite appalled by the prices which are paid to the artists and was wondering whether this is going to be the end of the artists life or it could also be a new starting point where the pie is distributed evenly among other less popular artists as well.
    What do you think of this??

    Meet Shah

    Soundcloud has come up with a different kind of royalty payment solution just recently. They talked about how commonly royalties on streaming platforms all split through all artists purely based on numbers of how big an artist is. In this scenario, the big players of the industry benefit the most because they have the most number of fans, consequently the biggest royalties earned. Here the independent/new/small artist suffers, cause even though he might have fans who are dedicated to binge-listening their music, the artists who end up earning the bigger part of that profit directly splits based on just numbers because of the subscription model of the streaming services. Soundcloud seems to have introduced some kind of “Fan based royalties”. Don’t take my word for it, but definitely worth reading and finding out what it exactly is.

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