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Ableton 11 – Best New Features

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    Meet Shah

    Ableton 11 has come out with a ton of new features that include Comping, Linked Tracks, MPE Capabilities, and much more. Comping is one feature that Ableton had been missing out on for a long while, where all other competitors already had the same, and I can’t be more excited about the fact that it’s finally here for my favourite DAW. Apart from the most common use that people will find, which is comping vocal takes, I find it interesting that we can do the same kind of comping for MIDI clips as well! This means I can take several different parts of my melodies: A sections, B sections and comp them together to create new sections and melodies which is awesome! What we can also do is that we can create audio clips of our MIDI instruments with either different sounds or the same sounds with different settings of ADSR envelopes, filter cutoff or different modulations and then comp them together to create variations in our loops.
    What’s your favourite new feature in Ableton 11? How are you going to use it creatively in your productions?

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