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Reply To: Is it worth investing time in learning Music Theory for Electronic Music?

Vighnesh Kapadia

As an EDM artist, music theory is not your first choice when it comes to learning and I have been there for a long time but as I explored different genres of music I discovered that there’s a lot more to it than just writing a chord progression and making a melody. Sometimes its just expressing yourself with your instrument or sometimes its an easier way to communicate your ideas with other artists, especially instrumentalists who just know to speak in D+ and E#7. I mean, I myself have not mastered music theory yet nor I know all of it but knowing a good bunch won’t hurt, if anything it’ll make your creative process easier, for me its just the curiosity of knowing more. But also on the other hand, not saying that without it you can’t succeed, you surely can and there are a lot of people who did, its your call at the end of the day. But hey if you’re doing it then make sure to pick an instrument on the way, the process will become a lot more fun.

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